The purpose of Mt. Zion Youth Sports shall be to further the education and citizenship of the young people of the Mt. Zion area; also, to further their training in sportsmanship like conduct through participation in organized sports.

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Mt. Zion Youth Volleyball League was formed in Fall of 2018, to provide opportunities for improving the volleyball abilities of athletes in grades 1st – 6th. 

The purpose of the league is to promote the principles of teamwork, individual responsibility and good sportsmanship through participation in competitive volleyball activities. Our primary goal is to develop the individual skill level of every player and to perform at a high level in a team environment, ultimately providing opportunity to our athletes in earn placement on the roster for junior high and high school level volleyball, as well as collegiate scholarships.

Skills and Drills taught throughout the Mt. Zion Youth Volleyball League are specifically designed to introduce and prepare the students for advancing to the Mt. Zion School District Junior High Volleyball program.

MTZ Youth Volleyball League will operate in accordance with the set standards, rules and guidelines of USA Volleyball. The League is governed by a volunteer Board that falls under the umbrella of the Mt. Zion Youth Sports Board.

The Coaches and assistant coaches are also volunteers and will complete an annual training that will adhere to these guidelines in coaching technique and philosophy. MTZ Youth Volleyball League will host its season from mid-August to mid-October and the board will host board meetings monthly from June – November. Reporting to the Mt. Zion Youth Sports Board regularly.

MTZ Youth Volleyball League requires and expects the commitment and the dedication of its players and families in matters of participation, sportsmanship, volunteerism and financial support. Membership carries obligation for timely attendance and diligent effort at practices and scrimmages, for prompt payment of financial obligations and for cooperation and other assistance with the various needs of the League.

MTZ Youth Volleyball League shall be organized into teams comprised of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 11 players, a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach (or two). Each team may have additional volunteer assistance at the discretion of the Head Coach. Junior High and High School Volleyball Players will also be available to assist Coach.

Players must meet the age requirements of the league level they’ve registered and are not allowed to play up or down a league. Players must be presently living within the Mt. Zion School District. Registration Fees must be paid by first weekend of play.

Team Rosters and Team Schedules will be set by the Board as soon as registration closes. Any special requests for players being placed together or at a certain time, must be made at the time of registration to be considered.

Finally, all members of MTZ Youth Volleyball League, including players, coaches, family members, and Board Members, are expected to conduct themselves, during practices and scrimmages, in such a way as to promote goodwill and proper character to all. Players must display good sportsmanship towards each other and toward members of the other teams. Coaches should promote each player’s enthusiasm and positive image and take appropriate disciplinary action when a player does not conduct themselves in a good manner. Disciplinary action can include bench time during games, laps during practice and a conversation with guardian.

Official copy of the League By-Laws available upon request.